Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Related Agencies (LHHS) FY 2016

  • Administration for Children and Families (ACF)
  • HHS/National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC)
  • HHS/Runaway and Homeless Youth Act
  • HHS Victim Services Strategic Plan
  • Department of Education (ED)/McKinney-Vento Act
  • ED Grants to Local Education Agencies
  • Department of Labor (DOL)/Department of Wage and Hour
  • DOL/International Labor Affairs Bureau (ILAB)

Figure 5: LHHS Appropriations History

AccountProgramFY14 OMB LtrFY14 ATESTFY14 PBRFY14 HouseFY14 SenateFY14 EnactedFY15 OMB LtrFY15 PBRFY15 EnactedFY16 OMB LtrFY16 PBRFY16 ATEST
HHS/ACF/ORRForeign Assistance$12.5$14.5$9.8TBD$12.8$13.8$14.5$22.0$13.0$14.5$13.0n/a
HHS/ACFUS Citizens Assistance $7.0$8.0$10.0TBD$10.0$3.0n/a$2.8$10.0$9.0n/a
HHS/ACFForeign & Domestic$32.0
HHSVictim Services Strategic Plann/aLang.n/aTBDn/an/an/an/an/aLang.
HHS/ACFNatl. Human Trafficking Resource Center$1.2n/a$1.2n/a$1.6
DOL/ILABBase programs (not TIP set aside)n/an/an/aTBDn/a[91.1]n/an/a[117.5][94.5][117.5]
DOL/Wage & HourVictims Services$10.0$5.0n/aTBDn/a$5.0[91.3][91.1]$5.0n/a$5.0
EDHuman Trafficking Victims Servicesn/an/a$2.0n/a$2.0
EDHomeless Youth & Childrenn/an/a$50.0