Policy Priorities

The scope of modern slavery and human trafficking has come into sharp focus in recent years, with estimates that tens of millions are enslaved worldwide—more than any other time in history. Human trafficking is one of the largest criminal enterprises in the world, generating an estimated $150 billion in illicit profits annually.

ATEST advocates for robust funding of anti-trafficking work (including both labor and sex trafficking), holistic legislation and programmatic implementation that includes a victim-centered policy approach, strong U.S. leadership in the global fight to confront human trafficking and modern slavery, and development of a stronger and inclusive anti-trafficking movement that builds collective voice and power.

2018 Policy Priorities

Trafficking Victims Protection Act Reauthorization

ATEST FY 2019 Federal Appropriations Recommendations

ATEST FY 2018 Federal Appropriations Recommendations

ATEST Transition Report to Incoming Trump administration